Role of motor

Release time:2023-03-31

1, in the metallurgical industry, blast furnace, converter and open hearth must be controlled by a number of motors, and the large rolling mill is often driven by thousands or tens of thousands of kilowatts of motor, modern metallurgical industry, especially large iron and steel complex, electrification and automation degree is very high, the number and type of motor used is more.

2. In the drilling and pressurized pumping of oil and natural gas, in the mining and transportation of coal, in chemical refining and processing equipment, in electrified railways and urban transportation, as well as maglev trains as one of the modern means of high-speed transportation, in construction and grain processing industries, in water supply and irrigation systems, in the field of aviation and space, The motor plays an important role in the automatic control system such as guidance, tracking and positioning, as well as in the defense high-tech fields such as pulse high-power electromagnetic launch technology.

3, in the accelerator and other high energy physics research field, in the field of servo drive, robot drive and automation control, in power tools, electric toys, household appliances, office automation equipment and computer external equipment, in all industrial and agricultural production, national defense, culture and education, science and technology fields and People's Daily life, the motor is more and more widely used.

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