Intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment

Release time:2023-03-31

Intelligence is an important development direction of electromechanical integration technology in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence has been paid more and more attention in the research of electromechanical integration builders. The intelligent robot and CNC machine tool is an important application. The "intelligent" here is the description of machine behavior, is on the basis of control theory, absorb artificial intelligence, operations research, computer science, fuzzy mathematics, psychology, physiology and chaos dynamics and other new ideas, new methods, simulation of human intelligence, so that it has judgment reasoning, logical thinking, independent decision-making ability, in order to get higher control goals. Admittedly, it is impossible and unnecessary to make mechatronics products have exactly the same intelligence as people. However, high performance, high speed microprocessor makes mechatronics products with low intelligence or human intelligence, it is completely possible and necessary.

keyword: Intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment