What are the technical fields of electromechanical?

Release time:2023-03-31

Mechanical technology

Mechanical technology is the basis of mechatronics, mechanical technology focus on how to adapt to mechatronics technology, the use of other high, new technology to update the concept, to achieve structural, material, performance changes, to meet the requirements of reducing weight, reducing volume, improve accuracy, improve stiffness and improve performance. In the process of mechatronic system manufacturing, the classical mechanical theory and technology should be aided by computer aided technology, and artificial intelligence and expert system should be adopted to form a new generation of mechanical manufacturing technology.

Computer and Information Technology

Among them, information exchange, access, operation, judgment and decision, artificial intelligence technology, expert system technology, neural network technology are all computer information processing technology.

System technology

System technology is to organize and apply various related technologies in the concept of the whole, and decompose the whole into several interrelated functional units from the global perspective and system objectives. Interface technology is an important aspect of system technology, and it is the guarantee to realize the organic connection of all parts of the system.

Automatic control technology

Its range is very wide, under the guidance of control theory, system design, system simulation after design, field debugging, control technology including such as high-precision positioning control, speed control, adaptive control, self-diagnosis correction, compensation, reproduction, retrieval and so on.

Sensing detection technology

Sensing and detection technology is the sensing organ of the system and the key link to realize automatic control and adjustment. The more powerful it is, the more automated the system will be. Modern engineering requires that sensors can obtain information quickly and accurately and can withstand the test of harsh environment. It is the guarantee of electromechanical integration system to reach a high level.

Servo drive technology

Including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other types of transmission devices, servo system is the realization of electrical signals to mechanical action conversion devices and components, has a decisive impact on the dynamic performance of the system, control quality and function.

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